Evoke by Avaya

Refreshed Bundles - Increased Effectiveness

Evoke by Avaya enables business to connect people, mobilise teams and embrace future ways of working.
Offering bespoke, future leading bundles solutions from Telstra and Avaya, Evoke addresses the key challenges faced by both small businesses and mid-sized enterprise.
Explore the suite of packages and discover a solution to surpass your communication requirements today.


Streamlined Office

Does your old phone system need an upgrade? But... you don't have the budget or the resources to upgrade everything at once.
Streamlined Office helps you realise cost savings, while presenting a professional brand to your customers.

Dynamic Office

Looking at a new office space, or building out a remote working team, and need to make your calls count?
Dynamic Office provides voice and data networking in one solution, and grows with you as your business grows.

Adaptable Office

Need to enable employees to work from home? Achieve effective, flexible and seamless communications with combined technologies across voice, mobile and video with Adaptable Office.

Collaborative Office

Need seamless, multi-site communications? Medium to large organisations can capitalise from Collaborative Office, with expertly tailored solutions that deliver ease of collaboration across multiple teams and multiple locations.