Combining cloud based technology with an on-premise, PABX solution

Wholesale Telephony, SD-WAN and Security Services.

A range of ICT solutions for all business types.

Why Accordé?

Cloud or On-Premise Solution
Super-Fast Deployment
Wholesale Service Model
Australia Owned & Supported

Annuity Billing Model 

Partner Supplied Carriage

The flexible scalable & collaborative solution for all types of businesses.

Accordé is a range of ICT Services offered and supported by VExpress and ideal for the small to medium market. Our range of solutions are designed to enable partners to offer their customers a comprehensive set of services that can augment the partners own offerings. Most importantly enabling the partner to be the ‘one stop shop’ for their customers. Accordé is deployed and managed in the cloud and enables businesses to adapt to rapidly changing communications needs with on-demand services for voice, collaboration, mobility, contact center, SDWAN, security etc.

Pictured: AccordéUC Devices

Tailored to suit your clients' needs

Accordé is designed to be tailored around you and your customer’s needs. Our wholesale cloud based or on-premise services enable you to white label the solutions and present them to your clients as your own.

  •  Cloud Based Solution
  •  Supports internet-based SIP
  •  Ideal for 10-300 Employees
  •  Telephone PABX
  •  Handsets
  •  Monitoring
  •  Maintenance
  •  Optional Cloud based Fax available
  •  On-Premise Solution
  •  Supports on-premise SIP
  •  Ideal for 5-50 Employees
  •  Telephone PABX
  •  Handsets
  •  Monitoring
  •  Maintenance
  •  Optional Cloud based Fax available

Product benefits to dealers

We’ve taken the time, guesswork and cost out of selling Accordé to your customers - allowing you to sell a streamline solution that is both reliable and quick to deploy.

Quick & Easy Quoting Tool

Save time and get a quote within minutes with our easy to use tool. All sales collateral is online plus online ordering!

Regular, Reliable Revenue

Grow a regular revenue stream with no additional work, cost or cashflow concerns.

Service & Support Included

Installation, support and project management is provided by VExpress allowing you to extend your service offering to the customer.

Your clients
are our top

Cloud Based OR On-Premise

Flexible Contract Options

Works with any carrier

No licence fees for Microsoft

Customer Service Solution

Secure, Safe & Reliable

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