On-premise, PABX Solution

The cloud or on-premise solution for your business.

Combining cloud-based technology with an on-premise PABX Solution

A range of ICT solutions for all business types.


Installed, Maintained
& Supported
No Large
Upfront Costs
Save Time,
Work Smarter

A solution that allows you to work anywhere, anytime and on any device

Accordé Office is a pay per-user, cloud-managed hybrid solution which provides an on-premise PABX offering the stability of a traditional phone system combined with cloud-based technologies enabling the benefits of “go anywhere” telephony. Based on the Alcatel-Lucent OXO Connect Evolution system, users can either use a traditional desktop handset, or their mobile handset as their “office phone”, wherever they are.

Accordé Office allows users to work from anywhere and at any time with their smartphone configured as the single point of contact for both incoming outgoing office calls - alleviating the need for a desktop phone.

Pictured: Alcatel-Lucent OXO Connect Evolution

We have your businesses on-premise communication needs covered

Borderless Team Working
Option to perform external 3-way audio or video conferencing calls when required
Smart Scalability
The system can be scaled up or down in size to align with your business needs
Remotely update company automated and out of office messages with ease and flexibiily
Data Safety
Protect your business communication with our enterprise-grade hybrid cloud environment
Integrated Infrastructure
Get office mobility, BYOD & simple guest connectivity with a wireless data network
Local Service
The Accordé solution comes with a support and customer service team based in Australia

Accordé Offices Softphone App

  •  Available on desktop, mobile and tablet
  •  Use your office desk phone on a computer, smartphone or tablet
  •  Access the corporate telephony network and receive calls remotely
  •  Receive calls, messages and voicemail directly on your mobile device
  •  Available using Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, iOS and Android
  •  Suitable for business users and contact center agents

Accordé Office Handset Solutions

Accorde Office also provides options for those businesses that prefer a traditional handset device. The Alcatel-Lucent 8058s, 8028s, 8018, 8008 Premium Desk Phones deliver improved performance and innovative design. These handsets enhance the IP communications experience in multi-device environments, bringing conversation comfort to the next level with audio quality improvements.

Enhanced High Definition voice provides a superior audio experience with natural voice communication and improved intelligibility, enabling increased business user productivity. These new innovative sets come with several ergonomic enhancements such as adjustable foot stand, alphabetical keyboard options as well as a comprehensive set of accessories.

Pictured: Alcatel-Lucent 8058s

Australian Owned & Operated

We do the set up so your customer can hit the ground running! Our qualified and experienced voice technicians will visit your customer to conduct a site survey and access the suitability of their environment prior to installing the system. You can feel secure knowing that your customer will have access to support services and a help-desk that is staffed with qualified engineers in Australia who are able to resolve any issues that may occur with the system.

A scalable service for a changing working landscape

From cloud-based to on-premise solutions, Accordé has options to suit all types of businesses. See below a breakdown of inclusions with Accordé Office.

Accordé Office

Supports on-premise SIP
Supports 5 to 50 employees
Telephone PABX
WiFi and Switch Infrastructure
Microsoft Suite Licence
Cloud Based Fax

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