Avaya Centrum Tour


March 19th 2019
Waterman Business Centre
Chadstone Shopping Centre
Level 2, 1341 Dandenong Road


March 21st 2019
Avaya Offices
Level 1
123 Epping Road
Macquarie Park

Centrum is the name of Avaya's new and improved community of developers that are making custom applications for the partner community. These applications will be available for purchase through VExpress.


1. Customer asks the Partner for a custom application or piece of customization the Avaya system does not do out of the box. 1. Customer asks the Partner for a custom application or piece of customization the Avaya system does not do out of the box.
2. Partner does one of two things –

  1. Sorry that can’t be done and loses the deal or
  2. Goes down the custom application development path.

2. The Partner accesses the Centrum Program, goes through the list of approved developers and quotes the one he/she needs.
3. Customer Application – Most MM Partners can’t afford to have developers on their books so they will look to an external developer. 3. Price – The developer has packaged these applications, so they are cheap and quickly deployed remotely.
4. Risk – Partner wears all the risk and exposure should the application not work or the developer goes broke or ceases support. 4. Risk – The Centrum Program is supported and backed by Avaya, so the Partner is not left hanging when something goes wrong.
5. Cost – Custom once-off application development is typically very expensive. 5. Example – Call back Assist on ACCS through APS currently costs around $70,000. Centrum Partner Imperium has developed a call-back solution that is less than $10,000.


It's the way forward

With a community of developers out there working to add highly customised capabilities to Avaya’s platforms it will be rare to find an Avaya mid-market Contact Centre solution sold without at least one Centrum package.

Additional Revenue

The ability to purchase custom application packages means new opportunities to win business.


All future application support will be done via Centrum and backed by Avaya.

Mid-Market Strategy

Centrum is absolutely suited to mid-market deals and it has been built specifically for the mid-market where price is key.

Don’t let another Avaya opportunity go by. With Centrum you can now access custom solutions at a cost-effective price.

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