Empower your mobile workforce with secure access to data anywhere, anytime with NetConnect

Transforming to a mobile workforce and maintaining security are top priorities for CIO's and Northbridge's NetConnect can do both. Net Connect delivers a truly secure clientless remote access solution with nothing to install on the local device....

According to a Work Environment Survey conducted by CPA Australia in 2016, 20.3 per cent of respondents nominated flexible work arrangements as the most important factor influencing why they would take on one job over another. This was positioned above the prospect of working with good people and salary. With flexible work arrangements being the most important factor attracting people to a job, businesses clearly need to offer more than just competitive salaries if they are to attract the best and brightest talent to their organisation.

Providing seamless access via traditional VPN means to employees is easy enough, but how do you cater for multiple smart devices, operating systems and lost devices? For some employees losing or damaging their devices beyond repair whilst on the road can mean a lost day or 2 of productivity. Added on top of that the dangers of data breeches can mean a minefield of headaches for a CIO to navigate when considering their mobility strategy.

NetConnect by Northbridge Secure allows business owners to extend flexible workplace conditions to their employees while keeping all company data secure. NetConnect offers powerful mobile and remote working capabilities through the new generation secure remote access solution. Let your employees enjoy total office mobility but receive complete network secure via native Multi-Factor Authentication integration, role-based access control, and active directory integration.

NetConnect has been designed as a security gateway from the inception. By nature, NetConnect ensures your data remains safely in the office, and only a visual representation of your applications, files & desktops are presented to the user. As a result, no data ever leaves the office, and your IT policies remain fully in place. Additionally, remote devices only ever connect via the NetConnect gateway, which acts as a safeguard for your entire network. This ensures that only communication between the authorized remote device and the network is allowed. What this means is that even if the remote device is attacked by a virus, the network is safe behind the NetConnect gateway.

All communications between your remote device and NetConnect is fully encrypted, ensuring no one can spy on your remote users when they are working outside the office.

New Australian Privacy Laws and what that means for you

Did you know the New Australian Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017, came into effect on February 22, 2018.

What does this mean for your customers?

  • Businesses must notify affected individuals about eligible data breaches
  • The Commissioner can impose sanctions which include civil penalties for serious or repeated interference with privacy. These penalties can be up to $1.8M for businesses and up to $360,000 for individuals!
  • Loss of reputation due to notifiable data breaches can cripple any business

How can NetConnect help your customers with Act compliance?

  • We can help you minimise the number of locations where your data is stored. By providing secure remote access from anywhere and on any device to data that's stored in a central location, the likelihood of employees resorting to third party cloud services for data storage could be greatly reduced
  • We can provide Multi-factor Authentication methods, thus helping you secure access to your data further
  • We give the control of your data and data access back to you - you decide who can access and process your data. Access is logged, allowing you to track & report on data usage
  • By design, data traversing through NetConnect is always protected with highly secure encryption standards
  • and more...

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