RealWear, the industry leader in hands-free, voice-activated wearable technology. RealWear is a knowledge transfer platform company that provides in-situ information and in-the-field training to improve workforce competency, productivity and safety.

Purpose Built

RealWear is purpose built for Industry. 100% Hands-free, Unmatched Noise Cancellation and Powerful Audio. Fully rugged performance, Water Resistant, Dust Tight and Drop Proof. The Power of a tablet in a wearable form factor.

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Safe Industrial Solutions

Safety - RealWear a reality-first, digital-second company. Safety is core. Not a bolt-on requirement.
Security - Your data and privacy is yours. RealWear builds software as rugged as the hardware.
Stability – RealWear is here for the long haul. Building a solid, healthy connected worker ecosystem.

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Product Suite

HMT-1 is a fully rugged wearable device designed to improve productivity and safety of industrial workers, 100% hands-free and fully commanded by voice.
HMT-1Z1 is intrinsically safe – for use in potentially explosive gas environments required in oil & gas, chemical plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing and refueling stations.
The full Product Suite includes a range of accessories to support HMT operations, including: batteries, mount tools, carry tools and protection equipment.

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Why Choose RealWear

For the same reason 1000s of Global Companies are. RealWear’s commitment to facilitating in-situation Knowledge Transfer, at the network’s edge, delivering ruggedized Industrial IoT solutions. RealWear is designed to improve field/factory worker safety, productivity and accuracy. Global leaders in energy, manufacturing and automotive industries trust the HMT-1 to empower and connect their global workforce.

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